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Stop Emotional Eating

What Our Customers are Saying

I have dropped over 70 pounds in six months. My relatonship with food is totally different.I know I will keep the weight off because I no longer eat emotionally. I am more aware of when I am hungry vs. getting an urge to eat. Cravings just don't happen very often anymore. When they do, I can manage them. When I slip, I don't beat myself up about it and move on. I can't wait to teach this to clients!

- Dr. Keith Lee, Scottsdale, AZ

"This is a GREAT program! You get calm and you lose weight all at the same time!"

- Colleen Yarbrough, Admin Assistant, Fairfield Medical Center

"This program has taught me to pay attention, to go inside myself for resources, and having the technology – the emWave – is a physical link to help you actually do that instead of just know that you should."

- Julie Hiebert, Minnesota

"Heightened awareness from this program leads to VERY significant behavioral change."

- Mina Ubbing, CEO, Fairfield Medical Center


Add OnsHire a licensed Stopping Emotional Eating coach. Take charge and create a healthy emotional relationship with food with the assistance of a trained Stopping Emotional Eating coach. As part of this complete Program, a specially trained Stopping Emotional Eating coach will take you through the program, customize it to meet your goals and provide the additional encouragement and support you need to create new healthy habits about food.

Stop Emotional Eating


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emWave Program for Stopping Emotional Eating - Training Webinars

emWave Program for Stopping Emotional Eating - Training Webinars

Only: $ 49.95

If you have bought the Stopping Emotional Eating; The emWave Stress and Weight Management Program book and would like additional support and training, this is the tool for you. This is a seven webinar series that can be viewed any time and at your own pace. We suggest one a week but it is best to use these as you need them to thoroughly understand the program. Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with login information to view the webinars over the internet.

Internet access is required for this product.

Once your purchase has been processed, you will have access to the Webinar Series

Stopping Emotional Eating; The emWave Stress and Weight Management Program (eBook)

Stopping Emotional Eating; The emWave Stress and Weight Management Program (eBook)

Only: $ 14.95

Stopping Emotional Eating; The emWave® Stress and Weight Management Program

This solution is not a typical weight loss program. This may be the only weight management program that doesn't focus on what you eat, but rather on what you feel. This is about understanding and eliminating emotional eating. This program is designed to be used with the emWave2 or emWave Desktop. The program is designed to show you how to manage emotional reactions and clear emotional undercurrents until a new baseline behavior — a neural habit change is achieved.

This program offers instruction on how to create a neural habit change to facilitate weight loss and a better relationship with food and eating.

You won't see any food lists or exercise regimens in this program. While these are important aspects in reducing weight and improving health, this program focuses on what researchers at the Institute of HeartMath have found to be the first and most important aspect of weight management: regulating your emotions.

Stopping Emotional Eating; The emWave® Stress and Weight Management Program is a facilitator for whatever weight management program you choose. The intention of this program is to help people add more of the core values of the heart to their weight management. Connecting more with the heart helps to bring the emotions into balance, which by now most know is a serious "x" factor in weight management. Eating is so strongly connected with our feelings that the balance between heart, mind and emotions has to be included in our diet commitments.

The book is designed to work with the emWave products.

It's known that 98% of people who lose weight do not keep the weight off. I think that's because they don't do the psychological and emotional part of it too. For me, having HeartMath and the emWave for the psychological component has been the key to my lasting weight loss success.

Susan Hanks MarscellasVice President, Marketing & Public Relations Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare SystemSalinas, California

emWave Program for Stopping Emotional Eating - Email

emWave Program for Stopping Emotional Eating - Email

Only: $ 4.95

Congratulations on purchasing the emWave® Program for Stopping Emotional Eating. For additional support, reminders and quick tips; you can sign up for email encouragements. These emails will support you throughout the 6 week program. You will receive your first email encouragement 5 days after purchase.

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